I live in Penryn, next to Falmouth in Cornwall and for the last few years there has been an annual Penryn May Day celebration organised by the Glasney Green-Space Regeneration Project. This year was my first time going so I thought I would pick up my camera and take a few shots of the parade and the may pole dancing.

The main starting place was Glasney College Field led by Folk band “Bagas Crowd” along the woody paths of the woods to “The Henge” deep in the valley under the viaduct.

Lots of fun was had with games for both adults and kids and of course a pint or soft drink from Penryn’s local brewery “Granite Rock” finished off with duck racing along the Antron River.

I really enjoy people watching and love to capture snapshots during events like this with peoples expressions, smiles and just generally enjoying themselves.

Please see the gallery below for some photos taken on the day.

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