I was contacted by a lady model/event organiser called Jessie Sheddon late December 2019, who asked if I would like and was able to go along to her group photography shoot in Bridgewater (some 130 miles away from me). The event was a “Rosie the Riveter” theme and after chatting with Jessie it was something that I could not refuse to attend.

The shoot consisted of 5 models, 5 photographers and 3 make up artists located inside a classic car workshop/garage. Each model was dressed in denim overalls, red lipstick/hairband, high heels and hair tied up to resemble the classic icon Rosie the Riveter look. The models was then able to spend a certain amount of time with each photographer inside the workshop with some gorgeous classic cars as a background before rotating around so each model could be shot with a different photographer.

So what was the event for?

In her own words, Jessie is a curvy voluptuous Pinup Model who eats cake for breakfast to maintain her curvaceous figure. After 23 years of being bullied for her appearance she took a chance on a boudoir shoot that was on offer and due to the overwhelming response to her dazzling smile, gorgeously curvy figure and deceptively long legs (for a 5ft 4in girl!), she decided to risk it for a biscuit! In addition to Pinup, Jessie is very at home in concepts to campaign about mental health and depression, as well as burlesque, military uniforms, fashion, wedding, and artistic. When not modelling, she is involved in hosting Real Women Framed events, where women with no modelling experience, get to try out modelling for a day. These events are very popular and a great opportunity for lesser experienced photographers & Hair Make Up Artists (HMUA’s) looking to gain experience and add to their portfolio.
More information can be found on Jessie’s Facebook link “Real Women Framed”

It was lovely to meet everyone (I hadn’t met any of them in person beforehand) and enjoyed taking all of the photos. Some of the photo’s from the event are in the gallery below.

Looking for a photographer?

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