About me

I was born near the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire where I spent most of my childhood/adult life living in Gloucester. I always had a camera near by and loved taking photos, whether it was my old Polaroid (instant photos), 110 cartridge film or one of several 35mm cameras. At the time, I never really understood how cameras worked, point and shoot and hope when the prints came back in the post a week or two later that they most were acceptable to keep for the photo albums.

In 2011, I made some big changes and decided to move to the South West but continuing my career in I.T. However, living in beautiful Cornwall and being so close to the sea made me want to explore and capture my surrounds, underwater and above land.

Immediately I learnt to Scuba Dive, exploring the world beneath us. Seeing the huge variety of marine life and not knowing what most things were called, I decided to get a basic underwater camera so I could later look up or ask my diving buddies what marine life I had captured on digital film.

Then in 2017, I took a huge career step, left my IT life behind me and made fusing glass and photography my new career. I purchased a mirrorless DSLR, a few good quality lenses and several workshop and courses to learn both new professions, David Perry Glass & Ceramics and Perchance Photography.

As of March 2022 – Started Life Drawing Modelling
Instagram – LifeModelDP
Website – LifeDrawingCornwall.uk

Some of my Equipment:

  • Several sturdy c-stands (2 very useful for holding up the backdrops)
  • Battery operated portable powerful flash gun
  • Some smaller portable battery flash guns
  • Modelling lights and a variety of soft boxes
  • Couple of cameras with a variety of professional grade lenses
  • I do not own a drone but it is something I maybe purchasing in the future
  • At the present, I do not have my own studio but it something I am very keen to have access to

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”